The HSV is third, has lost only two of nine league games and is back on track after the 2:1 in Darmstadt. So everything in one piece? That seems to be impossible in the Volkspark! Although the coaching discussion around Christian Titz (47) has now been weakened for the time being, the club is dealing with a number of other topics. SPORT BILD answers the most important questions!

Is the team strong enough for promotion?

HSV has the most expensive squad in second division history (28 million euros salary budget). But so far, coach Titz has not been able to find a balance between defensive and offensive. There is unanimity among the HSV officials: with this team, promotion is a must! Even though it was still said before the season that the club had considerably more money available for new players. A budget of at least five million euros was proclaimed for transfer fees, which then shrank to 1.7 million euros (for Narey von Fürth). The reason: HSV expected that Papadopoulos (26), a high-income earner, would be sold – which, however, burst due to his knee injury. Sport board member Ralf Becker (48) had a strong economy: Stuttgart-Leihe Orel Mangala (20) does not cost the relegated player a cent in loan fees, only an annual salary of around 400,000 euros. The deal with RB Salzburg is also good: The contract with South Korean national player Hee-chan Hwang (22) stipulates that the rental fee will be waived if he plays 20 league matches for HSV this season. Hwang has already reached six.

Hee-chan Hwang Honours 


Red Bull Salzburg
  • Austrian Bundesliga 2015–16, 2016–17, 2017–18
  • Austrian Cup: 2015–16, 2016–17


South Korea U23

  • Asian Games: 2018

Red Bull Salzburg

Why does Hamburg’s top scorer Lasogga hardly play?

With five goals, Pierre-Michel Lasogga (26) leads the internal scoring list. And yet he only managed 18 minutes in the last two games. Instead, Christian Titz now bets on Fiete Arp (18). His reasoning: Arp is better suited for the run-intensive game. Lasogga runs on average 9.8 km in one game, Arp 11.2. And: Lasogga’s top speed this season is 30.8 km/h, Arp comes to 32.9 km/h. The danger for Titz: Lasogga is popular within the team. If he continues to be a bench press, the mood in the cab should suffer.

Is there any money left from investor Klaus-Michael Kühne?

About three weeks ago there was a secret meeting between shareholder Kühne (81) and club boss Bernd Hoffmann (55). Hoffmann asked the investor not to interfere in the association’s affairs in public any more and at the same time made it clear to him that the times when HSV pumped him for money are over. Kühne himself recently said that he would prefer to sell his shares (20.57 percent). Hoffmann also tried to appease the billionaire with the meeting. One of his most important goals: To ensure a reasonable atmosphere for talks with Kühne. It was a first step.

Does Hoffmann now really make a profit as a permanent club boss?

Hoffmann had himself elected president in February, was thus automatically a member of the supervisory board, was then appointed interim boss by the supervisory board after the dismissal of Heribert Bruchhagen (70) – in order to be appointed as a permanent solution until 2021. Hoffmann’s salary: 500,000 euros per year. Just like before in his position as interim head. Born in Leverkusen, he waived his right to an increase in his salary. For comparison: predecessor Bruchhagen received around 650,000 euros, Dietmar Beiersdorfer (54) previously 1.8 million euros. During his first term as club boss (2007 to 2011), Hoffmann received 1.2 million euros. But the HSV would not be the HSV if Hoffmann’s current salary were not bizarre at the same time. Because: The top boss now earns less than the junior boss Bernhard Peters (58), who is expected to earn 600,000 euros a year in basic salary. However, he is on the verge of being expelled. Betfair Arcade is one of the worlds biggest and best online betting sites and choose from a massive selection of leading online slots and games.

Could HSV afford a second year in the 2nd league?

Good from HSV’s point of view: After this season, the Lasogga contract (3.4 million euros per year) will expire, as will the contracts of former coaches Markus Gisdol (49) and Bernd Hollerbach (48) and their assistants, who will cost the club a total of three million euros this season. Hollerbach, who sat on the bench for only seven games last season, even receives a bonus of 15,000 euros per HSV victory. The budget for the professional team would suffer little if they were not promoted. Savings are to be made in other areas, for example in the youth sector. This costs the second league clubs eight million euros annually. Bundesliga club Schalke, for example, pays only six million euros, Mainz four million. The reason for this sum: over the years, too many co-trainers and coaches have been hired who enjoy well-paid contracts.

What will happen with the main sponsor Emirates?

The contract with the Arab airline expires after this season. During the winter break, the first negotiations on further cooperation will take place. Provided: HSV has very good chances of regaining its ascent. The talks will include club manager Bernd Wehmeyer (66), who has excellent contacts in Dubai. The former HSV player, whose contract expires in 2019, has informed the club that he will be available for another year. Extension probable.